Thanks to all of our supporters who have said kind things and come to check out the site since we began to formally publicize it yesterday.  We really appreciate the huge spike in our page view stats!!  We are excited to see a plug for the site on Mark Shea's blog and some positive feedback on the MusicSacra Forum.

Andy has also been asked to write a post about the communion antiphons for the Corpus Christi Watershed blog, so we will provide you with the link for that once the the post has been published.
The following is information about a new resource available online for liturgical musicians.  Laudate Dominum Communion Antiphons is included in the directory of this excellent guide!

"What Should We Be Singing Now?" by Francis Koerber

A Simple Guide for Understanding & Providing Sacred Music in the Liturgy with a Hyperlink to the Directory of Liturgical Resources Free & Unrestricted & Immediately Available from the Internet

download booklet here UPDATE (Beta2)

This book is intended to be a short power-packed read (in one easy sitting), for any volunteer musician in your parish, or for those musicians who need and want to know the basics about providing sacred music for the liturgy in the RC rite.

By clicking on any page in the book, you will be brought to the "Directory of Liturgical Resources" which will be continually augmented and improved over time. It is a list of resources which are free and unrestricted by fees and copyrights, including hyperlinks for downloading and printing thousands pages of music appropriate for the liturgy. Again, the idea for the directory is that everything that one could need to understand and execute a liturgy with appropriate music is available on one page.

The idea behind this book is that we have a new and wonderful opportunity to teach the basics of sacred music to the Church at large with the implementation of the new Missal. Take advantage of this season when the Church reforms the liturgy come Advent of 2011, (3rd Edition of the Roman Missal), to reinforce the teachings, traditions and practices of the Church's patrimony of sacred music.