Hello and a belated Happy New Year!  Just a heads-up to let you know that Andy will now be blogging each Wednesday at a new blog sponsored by Corpus Christi Watershed titled Views from the Choir Loft.  This blog will feature a new reflection on sacred music and the liturgy each day.

Check out Andy's first post, titled, "I Am Not Worthy."  As an FYI, the comments are closed on the blog because CCW currently has no one to manage the comboxes.  However, Andy is very interested in your feedback, so feel free to leave comments here or send him an email.
Andrew's blog post at Corpus Christi Watershed is now available.  We encourage you to check it out!  This post provides greater insight into why Andrew began composing the antiphons and how they can be used in conjunction with chant antiphons from the Graduale Romanum
Thanks to all of our supporters who have said kind things and come to check out the site since we began to formally publicize it yesterday.  We really appreciate the huge spike in our page view stats!!  We are excited to see a plug for the site on Mark Shea's blog and some positive feedback on the MusicSacra Forum.

Andy has also been asked to write a post about the communion antiphons for the Corpus Christi Watershed blog, so we will provide you with the link for that once the the post has been published.