Andrew has completed compostion of all of the antiphons (unless he discovers something he missed)!  They are all uploaded.  Under the "More" tab, there are now some "extra" antiphons, including Sundays of Ordinary Time that do not appear in upcoming cycles, holy days that take precedence if they fall on a Sunday, and the funeral Mass antiphon.

Andy's next plan is to begin creating rehearsal recordings of the antiphons, so be on the watch for those in the coming months.
The Communio, or Communion antiphon, is the last of the minor propers of the Mass. It is the antiphon that is to be sung while the faithful are receiving Communion. Singing during the Communion procession “express[es] the communicants’ union in spirit by means of the unity of their voices.” (GIRM 86) 

The options set forth in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (or GIRM) for choosing music at Communion are the same for those for the Entrance Antiphon.  Again, we see that most churches use option 4: another suitable song, when the first option is the proper Gregorian antiphon from the Graduale Romanum or another arrangement of it. The Communios are generally short, so it is necessary to alternate verses with the antiphon to cover the entirety of the procession. Like the Introit, it is traditional to end the Communion with a doxology, the “Glory Be.”

Here at Christ, Prince of Peace, we actually chant the Communio from the Graduale Romanum with the schola at the beginning of the procession. Then we sing an English arrangement of the antiphon with the cantor alternating psalm verses. These English arrangements are newly composed specifically for our parish, and will soon be available for free at

What is unique about these new antiphons is that they are meant to go hand-in-hand with the chants from the
Graduale. They are in the same modes (like a musical language) as the original chants, making them able to be sung seamlessly with the chanting of our schola.

(Originally appeared in Christ, Prince of Peace bulletin, 11/28/2010)